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Eddie Robb

Zumo’s Commercial Director Eddie Robb is no stranger to the world of fintech and cryptocurrencies. With a passion for using new technology to make payment systems simpler, Eddie founded a bookings and payment fintech company at the age of 24, built a team of 15 and raised over £1.5M, leading to him winning 2017’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Edinburgh.

Eddie joined the Zumo team in the Summer of 2020 with a view to making it easier for businesses to deliver better payment experiences using digital currencies. His long term goal is working to empower developing nations with digital currencies so that they can benefit from them as soon as possible. Partnering with other businesses and fintech’s will help Zumo to have a more positive impact on the world quicker, placing the Zumo brand at the forefront of the next wave of fintech.

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