Smart money for everyone

Zumo turns Bitcoin and Ether into money by making crypto work seamlessly with traditional currencies.

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Zumo liberates the benefits of crypto


Zumo allows you to buy, send and store crypto simply and securely. Zumo lets you exchange crypto seamlessly with traditional currency and pay for goods and services anywhere with our Convertible Debit Card.

With Zumo you’re in charge of your money.


An interesting fact you need to know about cryptocurrency - the first Bitcoin purchase was for pizza.


Build your own wallet infrastructure

ZumoKit gives developers the ability to build your own wallet infrastructure. Use the ZumoKit SDK to customise your crypto storage and payments processing on our secure platform architecture. Fully customisable and mobile ready.



You can pre-register today to use Zumo as a cryptocurrency wallet. Over the next few months we will be launching more features until our full ecosystem goes live. As an early adopter of Zumo you will have first access to our Convertible Debit Card and the full suite of Zumo features.