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Zumo Risk Information

Regulatory status

Cryptocurrencies, and your cryptocurrency wallets, are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
or any other regulator. The Financial Ombudsman Service cannot be appealed to if you have a complaint, and
the Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not apply to cryptocurrency. Some regulated services can
interact with unregulated ones; an example being your GBP wallet which is an e-money account provided by
Modulr. Whilst your e-money account is regulated by the FCA, converting these funds into cryptocurrency
removes the regulatory protection. The FCA has published information for consumers regarding the regulation
and risks of cryptocurrencies:

Risk of capital

Cryptocurrencies are speculative, the prices can be volatile & your investment is at risk. There is the potential
of complete loss of capital with no legal recourse. We give no assurance that any cryptocurrency will be viable,
liquid, or solvent. Before purchasing any cryptocurrencies you should carefully consider your personal situation
& what financial risks you are willing to take. Also be aware of any related tax allowance or implications, such
as capital gains tax. Zumo does not provide any cryptocurrency advice or recommendations. In no way, shape,
or form is any Zumo communication intended to imply that cryptocurrencies are low-risk or risk-free. For
further details please see our Terms & conditions.