Decarbonising crypto

Getting to the facts of the decarbonisation discussion

How exactly should we be gauging the real environmental impact of cryptocurrencies? Where do we turn for our information? How do we interpret it? And how do we move forwards on this important issue, together? 

At Zumo, we’re open and transparent about the environmental challenges facing the crypto industry. We believe it’s time for the crypto industry to address the need for decarbonisation, and we’re committed to demystifying the information surrounding this vital topic.

It doesn’t mean we have all the answers, but we are standing up to tackle the issue. As the world looks on, the cryptocurrency sector must play its part in ensuring industry-wide decarbonisation. And we believe this is an opportunity for the industry as a whole to engage in debate and showcase what industry-wide decarbonisation looks like

Decarbonising crypto: a state of play report

As part of our commitment to explore the issue openly, provide a voice for sustainability in crypto and facilitate collective action, in September 2021 Zumo organised a ‘Decarbonising crypto’ round-table that brought together expert voices from across the sector to gather opinions and perspectives from solution providers, industry participants and environmental research on key questions of methodology, benchmarking, collaboration and technology. 

The resulting ‘state of play’ report is one of the first to comprehensively deconstruct the methodologies and assumptions quantifying the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies, providing a point of departure for decarbonisation discussions, and laying the foundation for further action and collaboration in the crypto space.

A full copy of the report is available for download here

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