Connect to any blockchain of your choosing

Connect to any blockchain of your choosing

ZumoKit can connect any blockchain of your choosing. Don’t have one yet? Our team will advise you on the best choices.

ZumoKit is blockchain agnostic. You get to pick the blockchain you want to work with, whether Ethereum, Stellar, Bitcoin or any other. You’re not restricted to any particular one and can switch whenever you want to.

And if you’re not sure which to choose, our team offers expert advice so you pick one that best meets your particular needs.

ZumoKit is blockchain agnostic

Find the perfect blockchain for you

Not sure which blockchain solution suits you best? With ZumoKit we’ll help you scope your requirements so you find the perfect one.

Reduce risk and minimise fraud

Our experience of building a crypto solution in one of the world’s strictest regulatory environments means we have fully compliant inbuilt KYC and AML services.

Adapt to new demands

When customers start using a different digital currency, you can too. With ZumoKit you can add blockchains easily.

Get started immediately

Save thousands of hours developing your own solution. With ZumoKit, your custom digital currency solution is up and running and ready to use.

Protect your accounts from volatility

Our non-custodial solution means you aren’t required to hold your customers’ assets, helping reduce the risk of volatility when using certain cryptocurrencies.

Get access to top crypto experts

Zumo is powered by market-leading technology built by some of the best crypto experts on the planet. You’ll have peace of mind that you’re using some of the best technology on the market.

Zumo connect use case

Connect use case

A central bank wants to trial the roll out of a digital currency at a retail level, so people can enjoy the benefits of digital currencies.

With ZumoKit, this central bank can get guidance from some of the top consultancies in the world and experiment with various blockchain solutions before initiating rollout.

Once you’ve connected to your blockchain of choice, what’s next?


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