Launch the tools required to adopt digital currencies

At ZumoKit, we’ve made it easy to launch the right tools so your users can buy and hold digital currencies safely on the blockchain.

ZumoKit lets you integrate an exchange service and a decentralised, self-custody crypto wallet into your system, enabling your customers to buy and sell both fiat and digital currencies.

We make it easy for your customers to adopt digital currencies via a super secure wallet with a straightforward on and off ramp and secure identity verification.

Zumo - buy and sell fiat and digital currencies

Meet the increasing demand for crypto

More consumers are demanding digital currency solutions by the day. With ZumoKit, fintechs, asset managers and banks can help meet demand and stand out from the competition.

Hold your own funds

With ZumoKit’s decentralised wallet, you don't bare the risk of volatility and inbuilt transaction monitoring with KYC and AML services.

Move towards CBDCs

If your country's Central Bank is moving toward CBDCs you'll be able to adapt and operate with the new digital currency quickly.

Generate additional revenue streams

A digital currency exchange opens up opportunities for fintechs and banks to generate additional revenue streams.

Be ready, now

With ZumoKit, you save the thousands of hours necessary to develop your own solution. Ours is ready to use immediately.

Work with experienced blockchain experts

We’ve built our own digital currency app solution that works in one of the world’s strictest regulatory environments. Our expertise helps enable a swift and stable adoption of digital currencies in your country.

Zumo - Adopt use case

Adopt use case

A central bank is looking to ensure its newly created digital currency is adopted by local people.

By engaging ZumoKit, the bank can roll out a suite of customer and business facing solutions via mobile and desktop apps to support a smooth progression from fiat to the newly established currency.ZumoKit’s SDK can also be opened up to the market and support existing financial institutions to help roll out of the currency. Adopting these tools helps support a stable transition from a fiat cash-based economy to a digital currency-based economy.

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