Custodial vs non-custodial: which crypto wallet is right for you?

Each wallet type comes with its own benefits, drawbacks, and trade-offs in terms of security, simplicity, and features. But which is the right wallet for you? And what should you know before selecting a wallet?
Daniel Taylor

Welcome to Zumo 5.0

Your crypto, your way. Zero network fee trading meets secure non-custodial storage with Zumo Trade and Zumo Infinite.
Daniel Taylor

Crypto 101. Using cryptocurrency for payments

Your intro to crypto as a payments tool.
Daniel Taylor

What you need to know about crypto and tax 2021/22

An information pack to help you fulfil your UK tax obligations.
Amelie Arras

Zumo App year-in-review 2022

Highlights and successes of 2022.
Daniel Taylor
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