About Zumo

A new global economy is emerging which is borderless and inclusive. It’s happening already: we’re seeing a 43% increase year on year of consumers holding digital currency wallets. Corporate treasuries are holding millions of BTC on their balance sheets. Central banks in China, Sweden and the Bahamas are rolling out their own digital currencies.

Our goal at Zumo is to help everyone to access the benefits of blockchain and digital currencies. Experience building our own multi-currency wallet means that we both understand how digital currencies work and know how to maintain a high level of regulatory compliance whilst increasing customer acquisition.

With ZumoKit we’re on a mission to help fintechs and central, commercial and retail banks drive their business to a new level using blockchain based digital currency solutions.

We help our clients be:


We’re seeing an increased demand in users wanting to buy, sell, send, receive and hold digital currencies. With ZumoKit, you can create a digital currency proposition that your customers will love and use for everyday purposes.


Our non-custodial model means you don’t have to worry about volatility and are able to minimise fraud using KYC and AML services. Your customer is in control of their money and their digital currency is securely stored on the blockchain.


ZumoKit allows financial organisations to open up new revenue streams in an area growing in both popularity and adoption. ZumoKit’s modular approach makes it easy to introduce a digital currency proposition according to your business needs. Our flexibility means you can embed revenue generation for your business right at its core.


Save yourself thousands of hours of development. Not only do we have the technology, compliance and marketing ready to go, we also have the expertise to link it all together and bring it to market. We make easy and simple to implement a rapid roll out.

The new economy is here

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